NetSetGo games are played at Loftberg Rd Netball Courts, West Pymble every Saturday morning.


NetSetGo games apply a modified set of rules to allow younger girls aged 7 and 8 to develop their netball skills and play the game in an age appropriate environment.


Teams are not graded but are generally grouped by age and by playing experience.A ladder is not kept during the season and teams generally play in a division with teams of similar age and playing experience.


At ELNC we have a NetGoSet Convenor that helps with creating our NetSetGo teams, registering the teams for the year, liaising with KNA and coordination of the NetSetGo activities throughout the season.


Your NetSetGo Convenor is Liesel Badenhorst and she can be contacted on




 NetSetGo References


 NetSetGo Umpiring Tips - a guide to  umpiring NetSetGo games for 7 & 8 year  olds


 KNA NetSetGo Rules - a guide to the  netball modified rules as they apply to  NetSetGo


 KNA NSG Rotation Sheets - rotation  sheets to be used by NSG teams


 NetSetGo Player Positions Guide - a  guide to netball positions, their space on  the court and their job as part of the  team.