Your Manager Convenor is Katy Ward and she can be  contacted on


 Team Communications


 The manager is the point of contact for the team and passes  information from the ELNC Committee to all team members. The  manager offers support to the team coach and is the point of  contact for parents who wish to communicate with the team  coach. Only the manager is to speak with the coach about player  issues.


 At the beginning of the season the manager circulates the  following forms to team members and collects the completed  copies

  • Social Media Consent Form
  • Code of Conduct
  • Incident Report
  • Medical Form


 Communications App


 You may like to utilise an app to manager team communications  and rosters for the season. There a number of apps to chose  from including but not limited to

  • Team App
  • TeamSnap
  • Teamer


 Season Game Day Roster


 It is a good idea at the beginning of the season to draw up a  roster for families to bring fruit each and to delegate the duties of  scoring. 




 Managers References


 ELNC Social Media Consent Form - a  consent form for Parents to sign  giving  consent to use images on social media


 Code of Conduct - a code of conduct to  be signed by players and their parents


 Medical Form - to be completed by each  player at the beginning of the season  and kept in the kit bag for easy reference  in case of emergency


 KNA Borrowing Guidelines 2018 -  Borrowing Guidelines reference for  Managers


 Umpire Complaints and Incidents Policy


 ELNC Injury Report


 ELNC Incident Report


 ELNC Training Sign In/Out

 Parent Training Roster


 For younger teams, Cadet Coaches or behaviour issues it may be necessary to put together a roster for one parent  to be present at each training session, including waiting until all children and coaches have been collected at the  end of the training session.


 Game Day


 As manager you will bring the kit bag and ball bag to the game. Check the draw for the week on the KNA website, if  your team is listed first on the draw, EL<xx> vs ?? then your team is the home team and you as manager needs to  collect the scoresheet from the KNA complex before the game. The parent in charge of scoring for the week can  pick up the scoresheet. Each player needs to sign the scoresheet. Write 'Absent' next to players that are not  playing  a particular game.


 The scorers from each team should stand with each other for the duration of the game and score together.
 The winning team returns the scoreboard to the KNA complex at the end of the game after collecting the umpire  signatures and captain signatures.


 Borrowing Players - Shortage of Players


 If your team is short of players for a game, you are permitted to borrow a player(s) however you must carefully  follow the KNA guidelines issued for the current season. If you don't  follow the guidelines points will be deducted  from your team for failure to comply with the rules. The guidelines are available in the resources section of this  page, top right.


 Wet weather


 In the event of wet weather, notification will be posted on the home page of the KNA website. A notification will also  be posted to the ELNC facebook page.


 Grounds Duty


 Twice a year our club, ELNC, is responsible for Grounds Duty at Canoon Rd and Loftberg Rd for NetSetGo. As  manager you will need to coordinate volunteers from your team.  The ELNC Grounds Convenor will be in contact  with you ahead of time to help you organise your volunteers. It is important for every team member to remember  that Grounds Duty is not an option.




 Please make every effort to avoid a forfeit. The club will be fined for every forfeit by your team after the first forfeit.  The team will be liable for any fines that are applied by KNA as a result of forfeit.


 If you can't avoid a forfeit it is imperative that you notify our club secretary with a minimum of 24 hours' notice. Our  club secretary is responsible for notifying KNA of forfeitures, this is not to be done directly by the manager. KNA is  then responsible for advising the opposition.