ELNC Teams - Winter 2017


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 A note on the grading process.


Thank you to all the girls who attended grading for East Lindfield Netball Club.


 An enormous effort has been made to ensure that each girl has been graded as fairly as possible. ELNC paid for 3  highly qualified, independent graders to assist with grading this year and 2 of them were present at each grading  day.  


 All 3 independent graders are or have been State Age representative coaches for KNA, 2 of them currently play in  the Opens Team for North Shore United in the Samsung Premier League competition and 1 of them has  represented NSW in the 19/U NSW State Team and represented Australia in Indoor Netball. 


 In finalising the teams, care has also been taken to ensure a balance of positions played within each team. It is  hoped that players and parents appreciate the difficulty of grading and accept the decision of the graders.


 A note on the assigning of a temporary manager to each team.


 As you will see from the team lists, we have allocated a Temporary Manager for each team so that the Managers'  Convenor has a point of initial contact. If someone else in the team would like to take on the Manager role, please  send an email to the Club's Secretary.


 The club relies entirely on volunteers. The committee cannot replace the temporary  manager unless an alternative  name is provided.


 Managers will be provided with a contact list for the team. There  will also be an important Managers meeting in the  next couple of weeks (date to be confirmed by the Managers'  Convenor) where kit bags can be collected,  questions answered and more info provided about the role of Manager. For more information on the role of  Manager please click here.


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 If you have any queries regarding the team allocations or joining  ELNC please feel free to email either  our NetSetGo Convenor or  our ELNC Club Secretary.